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God's word tells us that the union of two people is precious in His eyes, but not every couple glorifies His name when they join in a relationship. With this in mind, let's touch on how a couple can honor God's name throughout their courtship and beyond, the 2yoked way.

Strengthen your relationship with God –in order for you and your partner to be equally yoked, it is very important to be at peace with each other and God, keeping in mind that He is your father and you will have no better guide than Him.

Always keep God in your life and relationship –God will make your love and life flourish as nothing else can. Keeping Him in your relationship will ensure a stable and loving partnership.

Two become One –God ordered us to become a single unit with our partners. A couple that works as a team, a single unit, will become stronger and more united than before.

Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses –Awareness of these factors both in yourself and your partner will always enhance your interaction while allowing for one to support the other through difficult times.

Talk about your and your partner's boundaries –Talking about how far you are willing to go in terms of intimacy, time together, emotional and physical closeness, etc., will allow you the freedom of enjoying yourselves fully without having to worry about overstepping each other's boundaries.

Keeping God between you and your partner will let you enjoy your relationship to the fullest while honoring His name and following His word. Knowing you and your partner can share in the glory of God as you progress to unlimited possibilities will bring the peace, stability, and strength needed to face the future together. To learn more about honoring God's name during your courtship, don't hesitate to visit us at

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