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Until death do us part; simple words that encompass the love, hope, and commitment of a couple. Marriage is an act of faith, one in which God intends for a couple to form an unbreakable union through good times and bad times. But these days, as divorce becomes more and more common, it may seem like our vows, as well as God's will, lose the weight they once held.

So, what does it take to stay married and avoid divorce? The answer is simple and only requires faith.

It is said that a family that prays together, stays together. As Christians, we just must follow the path already set out for us by our Lord. Staying married requires patience, understanding, strength, love, and faith. Patience to work through difficult times without giving up at the first sign of trouble. Understanding of our spouse and the turmoil he or she might be dealing with. Strength to confront the good and the bad as a single entity united in God's love. Faith that God will light our way throughout the darkest moments and we will find the answers in His holy word.

Divorce is the easy way out, but marriage is a holy union that takes work and if you follow the Godly Principles we expand upon at you are sure to live a marriage worthy of a Christian lifestyle. Marriages blessed by God are unions meant to last "until death do us part". Giving up and choosing divorce at the first sign of trouble is simply taking a road that is not in lockstep with Christ. At 2Yoked, all our members go through the same Godly Marriage training. Meet others who think just like you and learn about the Godly Principles for a lasting and righteous marriage at and welcome God's blessing into your heart as He guides you to happiness and a lifetime of fulfillment. 

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