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We cannot fully know ourselves until we have found our true self in Christ, because it is He who gives us value and identity, which, if completely established, will guide our life, our happiness, and our future relationship. But, in order to be successful at discovering our true self, and live a happy life partnership with somebody who is fully compatible with who we are, we must use our singlehood wisely, in order to strengthen ourselves in Him.

You might ask yourself what all of this means. In reality, it's a simple concept, meaning that you should get to fully know yourself, as well as your strengths and weaknesses, before committing to another person. Doing so will ensure you are fully able to understand the kind of person that will complete your life and be a good partner for you, and the only way to achieve this understanding is through Jesus Christ.

Having a good relationship with Christ before moving on to a partnership is essential for the success of your relationship. Knowing yourself in Him and through Him will grant you a unique insight into what you really want in a partner. This way, you will avoid costly mistakes, unwanted heartbreak, and meaningless entanglements. At you can find out more about seeking such an intimate knowledge of your true self through Jesus Christ as a way to become stronger while living a fuller and more satisfying life with a likely minded partner.

Give yourself the gift of knowing yourself before you gift your heart and soul to somebody else and ensure you find that one person who will complete you by following the teachings of the greatest love of all, the love that Jesus Christ has given us freely and abundantly without asking for anything more than for us to follow the words he left behind. You will then be ready to partner with a like minded partner.


God's word tells us that the union of two people is precious in His eyes, but not every couple glorifies His name when they join in a relationship. With this in mind, let's touch on how a couple can honor God's name throughout their courtship and beyond, the 2yoked way.

Strengthen your relationship with God –in order for you and your partner to be equally yoked, it is very important to be at peace with each other and God, keeping in mind that He is your father and you will have no better guide than Him.

Always keep God in your life and relationship –God will make your love and life flourish as nothing else can. Keeping Him in your relationship will ensure a stable and loving partnership.

Two become One –God ordered us to become a single unit with our partners. A couple that works as a team, a single unit, will become stronger and more united than before.

Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses –Awareness of these factors both in yourself and your partner will always enhance your interaction while allowing for one to support the other through difficult times.

Talk about your and your partner's boundaries –Talking about how far you are willing to go in terms of intimacy, time together, emotional and physical closeness, etc., will allow you the freedom of enjoying yourselves fully without having to worry about overstepping each other's boundaries.

Keeping God between you and your partner will let you enjoy your relationship to the fullest while honoring His name and following His word. Knowing you and your partner can share in the glory of God as you progress to unlimited possibilities will bring the peace, stability, and strength needed to face the future together. To learn more about honoring God's name during your courtship, don't hesitate to visit us at

Until death do us part; simple words that encompass the love, hope, and commitment of a couple. Marriage is an act of faith, one in which God intends for a couple to form an unbreakable union through good times and bad times. But these days, as divorce becomes more and more common, it may seem like our vows, as well as God's will, lose the weight they once held.

So, what does it take to stay married and avoid divorce? The answer is simple and only requires faith.

It is said that a family that prays together, stays together. As Christians, we just must follow the path already set out for us by our Lord. Staying married requires patience, understanding, strength, love, and faith. Patience to work through difficult times without giving up at the first sign of trouble. Understanding of our spouse and the turmoil he or she might be dealing with. Strength to confront the good and the bad as a single entity united in God's love. Faith that God will light our way throughout the darkest moments and we will find the answers in His holy word.

Divorce is the easy way out, but marriage is a holy union that takes work and if you follow the Godly Principles we expand upon at you are sure to live a marriage worthy of a Christian lifestyle. Marriages blessed by God are unions meant to last "until death do us part". Giving up and choosing divorce at the first sign of trouble is simply taking a road that is not in lockstep with Christ. At 2Yoked, all our members go through the same Godly Marriage training. Meet others who think just like you and learn about the Godly Principles for a lasting and righteous marriage at and welcome God's blessing into your heart as He guides you to happiness and a lifetime of fulfillment. 

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